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Fixing Dawn: The Alternative to Breaking It.
And when your blood is gone, how will you survive?
Fanfic: Solstice, Chapter 4 
12th-Dec-2008 08:04 pm
Title: Solstice
Author: marjorie16
Rating: PG - 13
Characters: Edward/Bella
Fandom: Twilight
Warning: It may be a bit violent in the beginning. Contains a lot of cliffhangers.
Summary: This is a story mid New Moon. Edward leaves Bella. Bella befriends Jacob. The werewolves kill Laurent BUT Victoria gets passed the werewolves and bites Bella.

Laurent: "...but if you knew what she had planned for you, Bella..."

Well, what if you did?

* Third Person POV

Chapter 4 || Beginning

This is my first post in the community. I hope you guys enjoy.
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